Jimmy Fallon: Week One of The Tonight Show

…The Top 5 Moments Of The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon Tonight show week one

Jimmy Fallon began his reign as the host of the Tonight Show earlier this week in the midst of the Sochi Olympics and he absolutely nailed it! The week isn’t even over and already we’ve seen appearances by the First Lady Michelle Obama (and no matter what you think about Barrack you have to love Michelle), Will Smith, U2, Bradley Cooper, Kristen Wig, Will Ferrell, Jonah Hill, Lady Gaga, and tonight…..Justin Timberlake.

I don’t think anyone really feels bad or unfortunately cares about Conan O’brien anymore (sorry Conan), I always enjoyed Late Night with Conan but there was always seemed to be something missing; like Leno and Carson there’s a strong feeling of humility with Fallon, strip away the antics and jokes there’s a person we can all connect to from our living rooms, we love Jimmy.

Here are the Top 5 Moments from week one so far of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, tune in tonight at 11:35 for special guests Justin Timberlake.



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